The School for Homeopathic Detox has a new name

The School for Homeopathic Detox has a new name : “International School for Human Chemistry and HDT”.

The reason for this change is that this name fits better to the knowledge and abilities that students can develop in this school.

The Human Chemistry can explain best what is our practice as homeopaths and what are our purpose and mission in life. It is about working with the whole human chemistry using the most appropriate treatment for the patients. This includes :  “detox”, constitutional treatment, treat the reason of the visit of the patients, treatment for bringing the balance of body substances, vitamins, hormones, new homeopathic remedies and working on the miasmatic level.

Homeopathic Detox Therapy is a method that is a part of Human Chemistry and it is not the only thing students can learn here. We aim to give students deeper level of knowledge of the processes in the human being itself.

Students are also called now students of “Human Chemistry and HDT’ and will receive a diploma with this new name after finishing their education.

“So, I am very happy with this new name and hope people also like it.” – says Ton Jansen, the developer of The Human Chemistry and HDT.

For the students that already have a HDT diploma are still in the list of graduated students, but Ton advices everybody to come once or twice a year to the advanced seminars to continue and develop their knowledge, inspiration and practice.