Welcome to the ‘International School for Homeopathic Human Chemistry and HDT’

The International School for Human Chemistry Homeopathy and HDT is an education institute for homeopaths, founded by Ton Jansen, classical homeopath since 1987 and developer of the Human Chemistry and Homeopathic Detox Therapy method.

The Homeopathic Human Chemistry can explain best what is our practice as homeopaths and what are our purpose and mission in life. It is about working with the whole human chemistry using the most appropriate treatment for the patients. This includes:  “detox”, constitutional treatment, treat the reason of the visit of the patients, treatment for bringing the balance of body substances, vitamins, hormones, new homeopathic remedies (body owm substances) and working on the miasmatic level. The deep understanding and knowledge of the Human Chemistry Homeopathy and applying treatment with the HDT-method form the basis of the school.

Human Chemistry Homeopathy is a complete treatment and is based on the Organon of Samuel Hahneman but adapted to the 21st century. Homeopathy Detox Therapy (HDT) is a part of Human Chemistry Homeopathy consists of classical homeopathy, detoxification of harmful substances and support of the organs and organ systems with homeopathic body own substances and orthomolecular supplements.

The educational programs are organised for:

– Homeopaths

– Homeopathic physicians

– Students homeopathy (as from the fifth year)

– General practisis

Are you as a homeopath or a doctor interested in what Human Chemistry Homeopathy both with HDT can do for your patients and your practice? Read more about the Homeopathic Human Chemistry, HDT-method, the experiences of other homeopaths and the case studies.