9th -12th JUNE 2020 in Dublin, Ireland

The themes of the seminar will include
Lyme disease, thyroid problems, dementia, neuro-developmental disorders, arthritis, fibromyalgia, leaky tissues and cardiovascular problems
These conditions will be illustrated with cases from his own practice, and how he arrived at the prescription in each case. Following on from the November 2019 London seminar, Ton will again show how to use blood analysis to help understand and treat our patients.

*For more information and registration contact: Maya Wild
Email: mayahomeopathy@gmail.com

** Please note it’s essential you have studied the book ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’ by Ton Jansen prior to the seminar.** A third edition is being printed, and will be available to buy from humanchemistry.eu

During this 4-day seminar we shall cover the following:

A short question session to clarify the method for those newer to HDT.
Then Ton will teach about new developments in the HDT method.
The remaining time will be spent studying the cases and their materia medica, particularly of plant remedies, where Ton will demonstrate:

  • links he has found between blood markers and disease.
  • how to resolve vitamin and mineral imbalances with remedy courses and supplements
  • how to correct imbalances in white blood cell count as well as hormones and other factors
  • more detail about EBV, Parvovirus, Hepatitis, Helicobacter and Herpes.

We shall also cover:

+MATERIA MEDICA: Ton has an extensive knowledge of Materia Medica and will provide insights into new and existing remedies in a way we have not understood them before. We shall study details around sarcodes and nosodes such as: Pancreatic Enzymes, GC-Maf, Bone Marrow, Saponins, as well as poly combination remedies like Poly Antibiotics, Poly Bowel, Poly Contraceptives, and how to manage with them in cases.
+ORGAN SUPPORT: we shall look at the hierarchy of organs and systems and how to manage detoxing, specifically starting with the endocrine system. Ton will show us how he supports organs using both remedies and orthomolecular supplements.
+LIVE CASES: this will be an interactive seminar where we go through 2 live cases per day. This will allow us to understand the method in practice, cover different disease patterns and look at miasms.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded to those who are attending an HDT and Human Chemistry Seminar for the first time, and a diploma will be awarded to those who are continuing to develop their knowledge and practice of HDT and Human Chemistry.


Ton released this new book in 2019, full of the materia medica of plant remedies, with case histories and beautiful photos of the plants.

Available to buy now from humanchemistry.eu or https://www.emryss.com/finding-your-way-through-the-forest-of-symptoms.html