postponed until further notice
Ton Jansen seminar – November 14.-17. 2020

Time: 9:30 AM – 5 PM

Venue: Poděbrady
Poděbrady is a spa town approx. 50 km away from Prague. The transport from Prague is easy – there is a train as well as a bus connection every 30 minutes. There is also a free car parking within a walking distance from the Chateau – the seminar venue: see the following link:

Level: pre-intermediate and intermediate students. The students should be familiar with the principles of Natural Balancing Therapy. As for the new participants – we recommend to read at least the first 100 pages of T. Jansen´s book “Fighting Fire with Fire”, in order to become familiar with the topic and terminology used in the course of the seminar. (see the following link):

Language: English, with Czech translation

Topics: The topics are going to be divided into two weekend days followed by Monday and Tuesday. There is a State Holiday on Tuesday in the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia, however, not everyone might be able to participate during all the four days. Therefore we will divide the topics into specific days right before the seminar, depending on the number of participants.

  1. Autoimmune diseases, allergies and cancer in relation to body´s own substances.
  2. Nosodes and sarcodes, such as pancreatic enzymes, GC-MUF, bone marrow, saponins, and instructions how to work with polycomposite remedies in this area.
  3. Integrated Natural help in balancing the level of important vitamins (D3, B12, etc.) in the human body.
  4. Organ support as the supplement of Integrated Natural treatment; how to manage clearing of the organism, starting with the endocrine system.
  5. 2 live cases a day. Interactive cooperation of the entire group when looking for the right prescription. The live cases should be related to the seminar topics – which is –the body´ s own substances. For those interested to become live cases, please contact Lenka Pomněnka.
  6. If there is some time left, Ton will be lecturing on small plant remedies. By the time of the seminar, new book by Ton Jansen called Finding Your Way Through the Forest of Symptoms is already going to be translated. Ton is ready to answer your questions and react to your ideas inspired by the book as well as provide in-deep pictures of small plant remedies.

Seminar lecture hall: The seminar is going to take place at a beautiful chateau, situated at the very heart of Poděbrady. The address: JIřího náměstí 1. A newly reconstructed lecture hall of the Charles

University will be made available for us. However, the lecture hall can take in only a limited number of participants, therefore only the applications with paid deposit, or full amount, will be considered as binding,

Catering: It was Ton´s wish that we all have meals together, at least the ones during the day, in order to keep up the atmosphere and energy of the seminar. He was telling me, how he could still feel in his stomach the fast food he sometimes had to eat during seminars for a long time after the afternoon part of the seminar had started. Therefore we took care that healthy and tasteful cuisine, tailor-made for our seminar group, is going to be prepared for us by Lovětínský brothers, see link: I think every seminar participant will be able to find something tasty on the banquet table! We are able to consider your requests, if you have a special diet plan. Lunch will be served during the day in the form of banquet and there will be two coffee breaks, during which you can enjoy tasty snacks.


Each participant is kindly asked to take care of her/his accommodation herself/himself. Here you can find our accommodation tips nearby the seminar venue:

  1. For those who love homely environment, go for: Bed and breakfast “Lovas&Lovas
    (see link)
  2. For those who would like to stay by the Labe river – again, with homely care: “the Good Times” bed and breakfast.
  3. For the more ambitious clients, who would like to be pampered, or even have a swim, we recommend the SPA Hotel Felicitas:

Poděbrady offers great variety of enjoyments and experiences, from beautiful walks to cycling trails, wellness, culture and sport activities. Take your family with you and enjoy a prolonged weekend!

Although we haven´t checked this accommodation option personally, it looks very well, especially for those of you who have a friend or a family member you are sharing accommodation with:


You can also consult Trivago or In fact, all the accommodation in Poděbrady is within reasonable distance from the seminar venue.


We have prepared a variety of prices according to how many days you´d like to participate, how long you´d like to stay and how early you paid for the seminar.

The prices include: four days of lectures, 4 lunches in the form of a banquet, 8 coffee breaks with a selection of hot drinks, water and snacks:

  • Four day seminar, in case you pay by 30. September 2020:
    For VAT tax payers: 6530,- CZK, VAT 21% not included (this equals to approx.. 260 EUR for EU VAT tax payers)
    For those who are not VAT tax payers: 7900,- CZK, VAT included (approx.. 315 EUR)
  • Four day seminar if you pay since October 1, 2020:
    For VAT payers VAT 7025,- CZK VAT 21% not included (= approx.280 Euro for EU VAT tax payers)
    For those who are not VAT tax payers: 8500,- CZK VAT included (= approx. 340 EUR)
  • Two day seminar either 14.-15. November.2020 or 16.-17.November 2020 if you pay by September 30, 2020:
    For VAT tax payers: 3300,- CZK VAT 21 % included (= approx. 135 EUR for EU Vat payers)
    For those who are not VAT payers: 3995,- CZK 21% VAT tax included (= approx.160 Euro)
  • Two day seminar if you pay since October 2020:
    For VAT tax payers: 3555,- CZK (145 EUR for EU VAT tax payers)
    For those who are not VAT tax payers: 4300,- CZK (= approx. 175 EUR)

You can apply via a form found on the following web pages: or In the form you are able to select the number of seminar days you´d like to attend, the preferred amount of deposit, the diet requirements and other details, so that the seminar is tailor-made to suit your individual needs to the maximum extent. However, we are not able, for organization reasons, to calculate the price without catering and then come checking, who paid for coffee and lunch and who didn´t and preferred to leave during the break and have lunch elsewhere. Therefore you can write to us about your dietary preferences and we are going to include your request in the general catering offer, or we are going to organize a separate meal for you. However, it is a tradition at Ton´s seminars abroad that the participants eat together.