After a very successful seminar in November and more clinical evidence
for the need and success of homeopathic detox, Ton Jansen will be
returning to London in February 2019! He will give a 4 day seminar on
Homeopathic Detox Therapy as outlined in his book Fighting Fire with
Fire. This seminar is suitable for those new to HDT as well as those who
are already using the method and would like to continue to advance their

Please see details below and contact me to register attendance:

Event Date: 7-10th February 2019

Timing: 9.30am -5:00pm

Location: Linden House, Upper Mall, Hammersmith, London W6 9TA

Cost: Early bird discount available until 15th January 2019
4 days- £320 early bird, £400 full price (available to all)
3 days – £270 early bird, £300 full price (available to returning


** Please note it’s recommended you read the book ‘Fighting Fire with
Fire- Ton Jansen’ prior to the seminar.**

During this 4-day seminar we will cover the following:
Day 1 will cover an introduction to HDT for those new to this treatment
principle. Ton will take us through the full Homeopathic Detox Therapy
method as outlined in his book ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’. Ton
developed this method to achieve whole treatment of the patients,
following the principles of the Organon and adapted it to the diseases
of our civilization. Ton developed new homeopathic remedies necessary
for the treatment of these diseases, which have come from all the toxic
environment and allopathic medicines. He will show us how he takes and
manages cases, discussing the Poly combination remedies and answering
questions. He will use live cases to demonstrate this so we can get an
understanding of how it works in practice. This also allows us to cover
a wide range of diseases and complex case histories.
The remaining 3 days will cover leaky connective tissues. Ton believes
leaky connective tissues is often the underlying cause of many diseases
and therefore by looking closely at this we will be able to cover a full
spectrum of issues.
We will also cover:

+ Materia Medica: Ton has an extensive knowledge of Materia Medica and
provides insights in to new and existing remedies in a way we have not
understand them before. We will study details around sarcodes and
nosodes such as: Psorinum, Cytokines, DHEA, Bone Marrow, Gluten,
Sotalol, as well as poly combination remedies like Poly Antibiotics,
Poly Bowel, Poly Contraceptive and how to manage with them in cases.

+ Organ Support: we look at the hierarchy of organs and systems and how
to manage detoxing, specifically starting with the Endocrine system. Ton
will show us how he support organs using both remedies and
orthomolecular supplements.

+ Live Cases: this will be an interactive seminar where we go through 2
live cases per day. The live cases bring this method to life and is one
of the best way to learn how to apply it in your own practice.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded for those who are attending
a HDT and Human Chemistry Seminar for the first time and a diploma will
be awarded for those who are continuing to develop their knowledge and
practice of HDT and Human Chemistry.