Event Date: November 23th-25th, 2018
Timing: 9.30am -5:00pm
Event Address: Central London
Cost: £300, Early Bird Discount £270 if booked by 19th October 2018

Contact: halla@thehclinic.co.uk

** Please note this is only available for qualified homeopaths and you
should have read the book ‘Fighting Fire with Fire- Ton Jansen’ prior
to the seminar.**

During this 3-day seminar Ton will take us through the full Homeopathic
Detox Therapy method as outlined in his book ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’.
Ton developed this method to achieve whole treatment of the patients,
following the principles of the Organon and adapted it to the diseases
of our civilization. Ton has developed new homeopathic remedies
necessary for the treatment of these diseases, which have come from all
the toxic environment and allopathic medicines.
It will also include:
+ Materia Medica: we will study details around Materia Medica of
sarcodes and nosodes such as: Syphilinum, Enzymes, DHEA, Bone Marrow,
Gluten, Sotalol, as well as poly combination remedies like Poly
Antibiotics, Poly Bowel, Poly Contraceptive and how to manage with them
in cases. He will also review some well-known and lesser known remedies
such as Secale, Chimaphila, Dioscorea etc
+ Organ Support: we look at the hierarchy of organs and systems and how
to manage detoxing, specifically starting with the Endocrine system.
+ Hormonal and digestive disturbances and their related diseases
including food intolerances, leaky gut, IBS, Crohn’s, fertility, autism
and more
+ Live Cases: this will be an interactive seminar where we go through 2
live cases per day (please let me know if you would like to volunteer as
a case)

A certificate of attendance will be awarded for the beginners course and
a diploma and name on the website is awarded for those who attend
beginners course and a masterclass.