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‘I have been studying Human Chemistry now since 2018. Ton’s unique, ever evolving systems and innovative new remedies provide additional essential tools for my practice tool box, enabling me to better support the increasingly complex needs of clients of our time, whilst remaining true to the founding principals of our healing art.’ (Carolyn Foster-Richards, UK)

Ton Jansen teaches really powerful prescribing techniques that have transformed my practice. He has such a wealth of knowledge, built up over years of treating huge numbers of patients. I have learnt so much from him about how to use blood test results to inform my choice of remedies, how to assess what imbalances there are in hormones and neurotransmitters, and how to address those imbalances. At his seminars he always includes live case taking, so that we can see how he chooses a course of remedies, in a practical way. His methods have given me real clarity in how to prescribe based on the classical principles of miasm, constitution and symptoms, supported by balancing courses to target toxins and body chemistry factors.
(Suzanne Wright, UK)

September 2017
Stanislava Blagoeva, a classical homeopath in Sofia, Bulgaria : „Ton is our inspiration. My opinion is that without Natural Balancing Therapy most of the patients could not  permanently be cured. The knowledge, the information and the experience he gives to us are inestimabled. I am thankful  for everything  he gives, for all his patience, wisedom and love through which he gave to us the whole knowledge. I am happy that we have such a treasure in the Human Chemistry world.“

May/June 2016
“The value of the presentation and the group is very inspiring and motivating to me. Also the lunches and other food were a big present and surprising every day again, big compliments to Elly! The inspiring lessons of Ton give a lot of insights, inspiration and motivation!”

“This is such a great way of prescribing. Looking at a case from all angles and really restoring health. Having a course with Ton with the nice ambiance gives a good start to apply this method.”

“This is the third time I attend a seminar here. And again is was very nice to be here. The warm welcome and being surrounded with colleagues felt very good. Ton and Elly are warm people and they take care of this seminar perfectly.”

“Optimistic, light hearted, practical, helpfull!”

“Ton has opened new doors to Human Chemistry treatment.”

March 2016
“I really enjoyed this course and can’t wait for the next one. I learned many new things that will positively affect my practice and my patients.”

“Very nice to be with all nationalities. Pleasant ambience. After the Advanced Seminar (which was very instructive ), this time training was slightly less innovative. It is now more repetition, which in itself is good and instructive.”

“Every time such a nice environment, such nice courses”.

“Very inspiring, thank you Ton!”

November 2015
“Ton is a very inspiring teacher, I have found his seminar mind opening, dealing with the blockages that one experiences especially in treating chronic disease that hinder healing. I would also like to thank Elly for her delicious food, she took great care of the group! I am looking forward to coming back soon.”

June 2015
“It seems that sometimes every word is like a flash that enlightens my mind, my heart to become more aware of what is strictly worth”.

“I feel very privileged to be taught by Ton. He is such a fountain of knowledge – both medical and Human Chemistry . I always come away with many new ‘tools’ to use in my practice. Connecting with other practitioners is also wonderful. Thank you! Until next time….”

“Fabulous, I’ll be recommending my colleagues attend this course”.

“Ton is a very dynamic teacher on the cutting edge of Human Chemistry exploration: come explore with him”.

“Ton is one of the best classical homeopaths integrating remove blockages and balance the system with homeopathy. This way helps us to cure gently, deeply and permanently”.

April 2015
Dr. Svetlana Jordanova, a family doctor from Sofia, Bulgaria, wrote:
“I am a doctor of medicine with over 20 years experience and I have a large practice with children. So, i see that the pathological problems now are much different from these before 10 or 15 years. There are now much more  allergic reactions even in new born babies! But, thank God, here and now is the new Natural Balancing Therapy provided by one of the most considerable and charismatic lecturers – homeopaths, Ton Jansen. I wish the whole Bulgarian Human Chemistry Society and me to have more chances for meetings and seminars with this unique person and homeopath. I think that Dr. Peter Naydenov is to be thanked for making possible our education by this exclusive homeopath. I call Ton Jansen ‘The contemporary Hahnemann’. Thank you, Ton! Thank you, Peter!”

March 2015
Frans van Rooijen, chief editor of the Dutch magazine on classical homeopathy, Dynamis, and participant of the Natural Balancing Therapy Beginners Seminar
“Ton Jansens’ Natural Balancing Therapy has developed into a deep working total treatment. It is one of the most important developments in homeopathy of the last decade. He analyses a case on several levels. The hormonal disturbance should be balanced with Natural Balancing Therapy first. Later you can work on influences from vaccinations, medications, toxins etc. New is the materia medica of Dopamine, Prolactine, Placenta, Progesteron etc. Together with a constitutional remedy and often a Human Chemistry organ remedy it makes an indepth treatment. The life cases and analysis and on spot treatment of participants are very convincing. His openminded way of teaching and case taking inspires.”

March 2015
Dr. Peter Naydenov (dipl. Hom, LCCH, IACH, Natural Balancing Therapy), participant of the Natural Balancing Therapy seminars in 2014:
“After having been practicing classical homeopathy for more than 20 years, I can truly say that Natural Balancing Therapy has been the biggest revelation so far for me. What Ton has done and continues to do for homeopathy is amazing. Now that I apply this method in my practice the results are much better and my patients feel better. Moreover, I have more confidence as a homeopath, because all aspects of a case are much more understandable.

I was so impressed that we immediately started a new Natural Balancing Therapy course with Ton in Sofia, and more than fifty people attended it. We already have our first successful cases with autism, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, etc. The other day one of my patients, who has MS, phoned me to tell that she feels much better since she has started with Natural Balancing Therapy. This makes me really proud, and I am very grateful that life brought me to Ton and Natural Balancing Therapy.

Now I am very proud to say that after my first teacher in homeopathy Peter Chappell I am really blessed to have received training from two remarkable teachers – George Vithoulkas and Ton Jansen. I love and respect them both equally.

In the very beginning I was hesitating whether to attend the course or not as it was connected with big commitment of time and money. Holland is an expensive place and I come from Bulgaria – for 95% of people here even 1000 euros is a fortune. But I decided to go for it and it turned out that now my patients are happy to pay much more for my service – actually, I doubled my consultation fees and after the last seminar I am fully booked for the next 2 months. So from this more practical point of view my investment in Natural Balancing Therapy was a wise move.

During the course Ton prescribed to our little son (then only 10 months old) the remedy Secale – I would never have thought of it! And, a miracle happened – within 2-3 days he first had a fever, then an eruption on his whole body, then he completely changed: his eczema was healed, his behaviour was much better, he was transformed! Of course, I will not tell you why this remedy was chosen, you should discover this for yourselves on the seminars. But I can tell you this: thank God I decided to go for Natural Balancing Therapy. This method is already making history – be part of it!

I feel that Ton and Natural Balancing Therapy deserve much more attention and promotion but this guy is too humble and unobtrusive compared to most contemporary so-called teachers in homeopathy. Do not miss this course – you can’t afford not to attend, and you owe it to yourself to master this new tool of our profession!”

January 2015
“I’ve worked with Natural Balancing Therapyshortly, but experienced very good results. It’s indeed a great addition to a Human Chemistry treatment. First remove what is stored in the system, like Hahnemann taught us. Then very often people already feel like they used to. Homeopathy remains a magnificent profession, in which we continue to explore.”

“I am very enthousiastic about Natural Balancing Therapy.
By finding the blockage in the client and the affected system, you really can help clients recover.”

Advanced Seminar Natural Balancing Therapy – Den Hoorn (the Netherlands) – June 2014
“In June 2014, I attended the advanced seminar at the School for Human Chemistry in the Netherlands under the direction of Ton Jansen.
Ton is a classical homeopath and has been practicing homeopathy for 25 years. Ton’s method of Clearing the body of the excessive use of toxic substances is critical and innovative way of restoring the body to complete health. In our complex world, toxins have been used to excess. It is critical to remove blockages and balance the system the body of these toxins as well as employ classical Human Chemistryremedies to restore complete health in a fast, gentle, and safe manner.Ton is an exceptional teacher.  He explains his method with great care. Video recordings as well as live cases are presented. Ton takes care to answer all questions expertly and patiently. Everyone from the School was very welcoming and kind.The seminar was an eye opener for me. I highly recommend this seminar to every homeopath. Upon my return to the US, I immediately began using Ton’s remove blockages and balance the system method for my patients with great success.” Sonja Benjamin CCH, RSHom (NA), Atlanta, GA, USA

Beginners Seminars Natural Balancing Therapy – Den Hoorn (the Netherlands) – April 2014
“The remove blockages and balance the system homeopathy is a new way to do the same blessed job Hahnemann initiated before. I am very happy to share this knowledge.”

“I loved the course with Ton. He is a real inspiration for me. History is being made here. And the way of life and work he showed me will influence my life not only in homeopathy.”

“I think what’s happening here is a must for treating homeopathically in our toxic polluted environment. This methodology addresses the internal toxicity introduced by so many poison chemical drugs. I think if Hahnemann were here, he’d be working similarily.”

“Inspiring. Ton’s clear protocol has really opened the door for many of my ‘stuck’ / ‘aggravating’ cases. Fantastic!”

“I feel to share an exclusive experience not only to improve my knowledge but even on increasing the self assurance, self esteem, like God was inspiring us. Thank you.”

“Excellent seminar! It opened a new page in my study of homeopathy. Ton is a great and inspired teacher and I am glad that I was here and touched this method. I’ll definitely come back and I endorse him with all of my heart!”

“I found this seminar wonderfully informative. I am excited to put into practice all the wonderful tools Ton has given us. I will certainly be back for Part II when I have assimilated Part I.”

Natural Balancing Therapy, Lambourn (UK), October 2012
“Thank you both for presenting such an inspiring Natural Balancing Therapy course last week.  I came away feeling I had gained some knowledge that I could put to really good use in my practice.  I also felt the course was delivered in a loving, non judgemental and honest way. The manual is very thorough and helpful.” LT