Theme days ‘Human Chemistry and HDT’

As a homeopath, a homeopathic physician or student homeopathy (in their fifth year) you can participate in the theme days taught by Ton Jansen.

The central question on a theme day is “If an acute and / or constitutional homeopathic treatment does not (sufficiently) succeed, what could be underneath?”. This question is discussed interactively in connection with the theme of the day. The starting point is to show an overview of the complete homeopathic treatment, which can have both a detox element and a constitutional element. Also support with orthomolecular supplements next to each specific detox treatment will be explained.

A theme day consists of:

  • Presentation of new developments on the topic. It elaborates on various types of medications and their possible effects on the body related to the theme, using case studies (paper and/or video).
  • Sharing knowledge with each other.
  • Joint solution of cases. Your case on paper or video (with the essence elaborated on paper) can be discussed. It is not necessary that the case is related to the theme of the day. You can submit the case by e-mail or regular mail at least 1 week in advance.

Theme days 2017

The theme days : 15 – 17 March 2017.


Day 1 – Leaky guts syndrome – reasons, consequences, deseases and treatment

Day 2 – Cancer – reasons and how to treat it

Day 3 – Diabetes – reasons and how to treat it


Practical info

Time: 10.00 – 17.00h
Location: Veenakkerweg 5, Den Hoorn (Zuid-Holland), The Netherlands
Language: English or Dutch depending on the participation of international homeopaths
Costs: € 100,- per day (includes coffee/tea and an organic lunch)
Accreditation: NVKH (50% medisch, 50% homeopathisch), NWP