Human Chemistry Homeopathy and Natural Balancing Therapy

Human Chemistry is a revolutionary way to understand and treat human beings at a deep level. It is about our bodily interaction between the outside world and our inner processes, and molecular interactions with different substances such as hormones. Human Chemistry can explain best what is our practice as homeopaths and about our purpose and mission in life. It is about working with the whole human chemistry using the most appropriate treatment for the patients. This includes removing blockages and balancing the system, constitutional treatment, treating the reason for the patient’s visit, treatment for bringing into balance body substances, vitamins, hormones, new homeopathic remedies and working on the miasmatic level. Natural Balancing Therapy is a part of Human Chemistry and is also a new way to approach health problems, and is aimed at the clearing of toxins and aiding the recuperative process of the body at a cellular level. The treatment is mild and can offer a quick and lasting recovery.

Human Chemistry is a complete treatment that consists of:

  • Classical Homeopathy.
  • Removing blockages and balancing the system with remedy courses to support the body in getting rid of the consequences of harmful substances.
  • Support for the organs and organ systems with specific homeopathic remedies or body’s own substances as a homeopathic remedy.
  • Support with orthomolecular supplements.


All schools of classical homeopathy aim at cure by triggering the self-healing mechanism of the body.


Natural Balancing Therapy adds an extra dimension to classical homeopathy and also focuses on external factors (harmful substances) which can have different effects on each individual and can lead to health problems.

From birth – and even before – a person comes into contact with substances that could be harmful to the body. The body has excellent ways of ridding itself of these substances, but gradually the toxic substances can accumulate and the body can no longer do the clearing sufficiently. You can think of the use of contraceptives and antibiotics, vaccinations, but also of radiation and working with paints and solvents for years. Also ‘never well since’ complaints are an important starting point, but we have to be aware of what caused the situation because that needs to be treated first.

In the long run (chronic) complaints arise. Examples are vague symptoms and complaints of severe chronic diseases such as asthma, eczema, PMS, ADD, anxiety, depression, fibromyalgia, migraine, autism, diabetes, phobias, Lyme disease, epileptic seizures, MS and rheumatism. Acute and chronic effects of vaccinations can also be treated successfully.


The Human Chemistry with Natural Balancing Therapy method helps us to gain more insight into the development of pathology and the organs and organ systems involved, such as the lymphatic system and endocrine system. Human Chemistry and Natural Balancing Therapy provide a means of determining the hierarchy in the disturbances and how to proceed in a step-by-step approach.

The goal is to understand the pathology in order to understand the (chemical) background that could be the causation of the pathology and the mental disturbances arising from that (and, sometimes, vice versa)


To support the organs and organ systems we use homeopathic remedies and/or body’s own substances, for example hormones and proteins. Elimination of harmful substances is enhanced by the use of orthomolecular supplements. By these means organ functions can be restored and health can be brought up to a higher level.