Integrative Homeopathy is the best definition for the pioneering work of
the Dutch homeopath Ton Jansen.His pioneering work and personal path allowed him to create a new approach to Homeopathy, which harmoniously integrates, with greater results, the various schools of Homeopathy, and also associates the use of supplements and nutritional orientations.

This approach can be summarized by integrating the use of various
therapeutic impacts and the support for the organs and organ systems
with specific homeopathic remedies or body’s own substances as a
homeopathic remedy :

The power of the homeopathic remedies who work with the Universal energy of the Vacuum: Choosing the remedy that covers the entire case at the moment, is critical in this approach. It is sought that the symptomatic totality is as similar as possible to the picture of the remedy, and may change according to the evolution of the picture presented by the patient.

Remedy to open the case: one can start treatment using the impact of
a single dose remedy at high potency, which may be miasmatic remedy, sarcodes or other, to open the case. Many times, one does not have the totality remedy clearly, and after prescribing a case opener the picture will become clearer. Or even having the totality remedy, using a case opener may speed up the healing process.

Remedies for detox: Modern life causes us to be exposed to numerous
toxins, medications, heavy metals and other compounds that profoundly
affect the functioning of our body. Secondary changes to these
intoxications create obstacles to the performance of homeopathic
remedies. Therefore, detox courses may be necessary to support the body
get rid of the consequences of harmful substances.

Remission support remedies: For detox to occur the organs
responsible for eliminating toxins can be stimulated and activated with
specific supportive remedies.

Remedies of human chemistry: in addition to substances from nature,
you can use substances produced by the human body in a homeopathic way
to stimulate and support the healing process. Hormones, tissues, dynamized neurotransmitters can be a potent therapeutic aid.

Use of nutritional supplements: some vitamins and
nutrients can help improve vital energy and optimize the functioning of
the body.

Dietary advice: Hahnemann in his book Organon already recommended
several dietary advices and habits that should be complementary to the
homeopathic treatment. Food can be a source of intoxication and
worsening of the clinical picture, and proper guidance can greatly help
the resolution of clinical conditions.

The use of this approach that uses the full potential of Homeopathy
makes it fulfill its mission of healing complex and difficult cases like
autoimmune diseases, autism, and cancer that are becoming more frequent
in today’s life. This approach brings real treatment solutions for
diseases of the 21st Century.