In view of the current difficulties with travel and also places to hold live seminars, we have decided to offer a continuing online course of training in Human Chemistry, covering its underlying principles and how to apply them in cases. For each event we offer a certificate of attendance, but wish to encourage participants to achieve a level of skill in working with cases where we can award them a Certificate of Proficiency in the practice of Human Chemistry. Those who reach this level can go on to do further work on case management, with some research into a chosen aspect of Human Chemistry, in order to gain a Diploma.

The topics that follow in this calendar may be changed according to the wishes of the community of participants. Each two-day webinar can also include live and follow-up cases, related to the themes of the event. Ton will continue to give guidance on using blood-test results to influence our prescriptions, and also teach us about using orthomolecular supplements to enhance our homeopathic remedies.
At all webinars where someone is asking for guidance on case treatment a detailed timeline should be provided, so Ton can readily see that the issues are and his advice can be given more easily.

‘Intervision’ meetings will continue as wanted, both as smaller meetings in various time-zones and as fuller meetings internationally. Please give your ideas and feedback on these meetings!

The webinars will be as interactive as possible (and also secure), as by using Zoom for Webinar the presenter can see the faces of those attending. Questions can be asked via the raising-hand facility at question times.

We are going to test out a change in the timings: the webinar will start at 0830 UK summer time (BST), with a break from 10-1030; the second sessions will run 1030-12 noon. The lunch (or breakfast) break will run from noon till 1.30pm (to give time for eating and a little exercise perhaps). The third session will run from 1.30 till 3, then a half-hour break; with the final session 3.30-5pm. So this way we have six hours’ teaching per day! By starting early this will not suit USA/Canada but we give the Australians a chance of comfortably attending two sessions live; our later sessions will be fine for USA/Canada to attend live but will be too late for Australasia. (The afternoon sessions are not a repeat of the morning!). The longer breaks can also let us rest our eyes and move about a bit during the day. There will be a recording available soon after each day, to watch but not to download – but subject to the usual rules of confidentiality.

There may still be people attending who will be new to Ton’s system. So please note: **it’s very advisable you have studied the book ‘Fighting Fire with Fire’ by Ton Jansen before the seminar. This book is available to buy from

A certificate of attendance, showing hours attended for CPD purposes, will be issued after the event. We shall also send you a case to work to prescribe for after the webinar, to give you a chance to be awarded a Certificate of Proficiency.

Please register by emailing me at the address below. The fee and payment arrangements for this year’s series of webinars will be emailed as soon as possible Ton is unlikely to be able to resume his visits to other countries for quite some time, so please take this opportunity of studying with Ton from your own home!

Any questions? – please contact Roger Savage on

In 2019 Ton released his second book called FINDING YOUR WAY THROUGH THE FOREST OF SYMPTOMS, full of the materia medica of plant remedies, with case histories and beautiful photos of the plants. Link is
Now he has released his third book HUMAN CHEMISTRY part 1 – highly recommended! Emryss – Human Chemistry – Integrated Therapy from a Homeopathic Perspective
All are available to buy now from Emryss, his publisher (or via Ton’s website – )