Online supervisions in Human Chemistry

Do you have difficult cases in your practice? Do you have patients with whom you just can’t see how best to proceed with the treatment?

You can have personal or small-group online supervision (in English) with or without your patients being present. You need to provide a complete timeline of the case and make a brief summary of the case and previous treatment.

As Ton’s practice is now full, online supervisions are arranged with Roger Savage. Please contact him on to make an appointment. The discussion may last up to an hour, but within that time you may be able to seek help with 2, 3 or even 4 patients. After the session Roger will briefly confer with Ton, so that he can check the proposed prescription or the progress of the case.

The fee for this consultation is 250 euros for 45 minutes.

For supervisions in Nederlands please contact Ton’s practice –