Vision of the school

With the spread and the further development of Human Chemistry Homeopathy along with Natural Balancing Therapy, the International School aims to contribute to the awareness of the potential impact of external factors, such as conventional medicines, on human health. The school does this through its educational program (consisting of seminars or webinars and theme days), through (practical) research and through its publications.

Teacher Ton Jansen

Ton lachend klIn 1987 Ton Jansen started his own practice “Centrum voor Homeopathie ‘Gezondheid in Beweging” (Centre for Homeopathy ‘Health in Motion’) in Den Hoorn (the Netherlands, near Delft).

Ton studied Classical Homeopathy at the ‘Antroposofische School voor Homeopathie’ (Den Hout, NL). In addition he has studied ‘Antroposofische Geneeskunde’ (Anthroposophy)

Over the years Ton has specialised in the integrated natural treatment of ‘modern’ diseases, which could be caused by environmental pollution and the frequent use of chemical treatments. Examples of ‘modern’ diseases can be MS, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, cancer, diabetes, migraine, epilepsy, asthma, PMS, depression, AD(H)D, Asperger’s, phobias and autism. Since 1993 Ton has been developing a complete method to treat these diseases, namely Human Chemistry along with Natural Balancing Therapy, with which he achieves very positive results.

Since 2010 Ton Jansen has been giving seminars and webinars on this method of treatment to doctor-homeopaths and classical homeopaths, both in his own country and abroad as well as online.

Ton Jansen speaking

“In my practice I’ve experienced the initial recovery of many patients with the use of classical homeopathy. Unfortunately, after a while some patients came back, because of a relapse. Classical homeopathy, as we used to practise it, didn’t seem to be able to deal with current ‘external conditions’ in modern society.
This challenged me to understand more about these external conditions, which disturb Integrated Natural treatment.

After studying several case, I started to see that the cause of many complaints was to be found within the effect on patients’ lives (and duration) of absorbing chemicals, and the duration of such treatments.

The increase in the use of toxic substances was starting to leave its traces in the health of many people. Probably 90% of the patients in my practice are out of balance (ill) as a consequence of the use of chemical drugs. Unfortunately modern medications, from vaccinations to paracetamol, could have a greater impact on our health than we are realising.

Human Chemistry Homeopathy together with Natural Balancing Therapy appear to be helpful in treating the side effects of using chemical drugs in patients with illnesses like rheumatism, migraines, cancer, diabetes, MS, ME, PMS, menstruation or menopause problems. My experience is that, for example, by clearing the side-effects of contraceptives, 80% of illnesses in women (who took these contraceptives), such as depression, PMS, headaches, migraines, thyroid abnormalities, cystitis, fertility problems, breast cancer, ovarian cysts, vaginal thrush and other types of inflammations, could be treated with a positive result.

In practice, besides these contraceptives, these women often take different kinds of allopathic medications to treat the above-mentioned complaints. Clearing the side effects of contraceptives as well as other popular medications, in combination with constitutional homeopathic treatment, often shows a great improvement in these women.

Similar results can be achieved with the homeopathic clearing of many other chemical drugs.”


Seminars in Holland will take place in our beautiful classroom at Dr Jan van Breemenlaan 1, 8191 LA Wapenveld, Gelderland, Netherlands Tel: +31 (0) [not yet connected]. The school is near Zwolle. It’s a quiet, picturesque place with walking facilities in the nearby forest. Next to the classroom there’s a lunch-room in which an organic lunch is served every course-day.


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